Posted by: Jayme | May 11, 2007

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

What is it about a loss that makes the normal everyday chit chat and banter so incredibly difficult?  Everything people want to discuss with me seems so insignificant.  I don’t want to talk about the weather, gossip about someone’s bad haircut, hear about the cutest dress they bought for their kid.   I just don’t care.  And I feel so horrible for feeling that way.

I don’t want to hear about how your baby kept you up all night, at least you have a baby!  I don’t want to hear about how you hate being pregnant- I WISH I was still pregnant.   My thoughts and emotions seem to have a mind of their own.  I know I am being irrational, but I just can’t help it.  So it’s better to just stay quiet. 

I can’t seem bring myself to respond to certain emails, talk to people on the phone.  I am having a hard time feeling happy for others right now.   So I just need to seperate myself until this passes.


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