Posted by: Jayme | May 17, 2007

When a man loses his wife…
He is called a widower.

When a woman loses her husband…
She is called a widow.

When a child loses her parents…
She is called an orphan.

But when a parent loses a child…

There is no name for this type of pain
It is hard to live and has no name.



  1. {{{{Jaime}}}}
    I am in this ‘no’ class with you :*( I just birthed our son on Wednesday …born still and quiet…perfect in looks just micro sized. My heart aches and your blog shares what I am feeling. I don’t want to talk or read about other peoples’ lives right now. I can’t answer the phone and talk…nothing seems to matter. This is our 2nd death and my heart is shattering to think that you have been through this 3 times now. I have no answers but will offer to always keep you close at heart…I will grieve with you because only another mommy who has birthed a still baby will even come close to understanding. We come home with a box of little keepsakes but an empty cradle, holes in our heart, and nothing to say. I’m sobbing, but know that I do care. Tammi (formerly with Strawberriesn’nSunshine)
    My blog and baby story:

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