Posted by: Jayme | August 1, 2007

Due Date.

Today is the day I was due with Connor.  I know I would have had him sooner, with my history.  But he would have been here by now.  He was here, already born. 

Sometimes I think he was here to get me through Aaron’s deployment.  It gave me something to look forward to, and kept me from dwelling on the fact Aaron was gone.  I didn’t think I could handle being away from Aaron for six months- he’s my best friend.  And with it coming so soon after Elora died, I was afraid of how hard it would be.  But Connor gave me so much hope.  I was so happy to be pregnant with him.  I wish he could have stayed with us.  I wish Aaron could have met him. 



  1. Still praying & thinking of you! My heart aches with you.

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