Posted by: Jayme | October 23, 2007

Another step

I have loads of baby clothes and diapers here.  I’ve sold a some things here and there, and given several things away too.  But I still have massive amounts.  I went shopping crazy when I found out Connor was a boy- after having the girls I had no boy stuff left.  So I bought him TONS of clothes.  I sorted through and picked out the stuff I wanted to keep, of Connor’s and of Elora’s, and then offered up the rest of the clothes and diapers for sale. It seems silly to keep two complete baby wardrobes when someone else can use them, and when I can use the money for stuff the other kids.  Sorting all these things, folding these little sleepers, onesies, diapers… it makes me so sad to think my babies never got a chance to use stuff I so carefully picked out for them.  Someone suggested keeping it all, ‘just in case’ we change our minds and want another baby in the future… well, I doubt that will happen.  Plus we don’t have the room to just store two entire baby wardrobes, and if on the teensy chance we did change our minds, I’d want to shop again!


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