Posted by: Jayme | April 11, 2008


It seriously makes me SO happy when someone remembers my babies.  Before I had lost Raime, I’d have thought the opposite, that it would have made someone sad to be reminded of a child who died.  But now, I know it doesn’t make me sad or cry or upset, I am genuinely happy and feel so loved when someone remembers.  I’m more sad and upset when no one says anything, and I feel like my babies are forgotten.

That said, yesterday I got a card in the mail from the hospital, remembering Connor.  It was signed by a couple of the nurses.  It was sweet, I was happy even though I’m sure it’s something they do for everyone who has had a loss.  But it really makes a difference, you know?

Then today, I got a gorgeous card from my friend Stephanie who is one of those in this ‘club’ with me- her daughter Amanda was stillborn.  So I know she totally understands how it feels.  And I know she knows how much getting that card in the mail meant to me.  So thank you Steph- you really made my day 🙂  Love you!


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