Posted by: Jayme | April 12, 2008


Yet again the anticipation was worse than the actual anniversary.
The girls and I lounged around watching cartoons this morning, waiting for Aaron’s call.  He calls every Saturday around lunchtime, so the day doesn’t start until we’re done talking to him LOL
We talked to him for two hours, and after that he wanted to play a little WoW, so we did that for awhile while the girls played naked Barbies.  I don’t think Connor ever even came up in conversation between us.  I know I was just happy to be talking to him, and I’d told him about the cards the other day when I talked to him.  That and men are always so weird with that stuff, I know he probably remembered but didn’t want to bring it up because he doesn’t want to upset me and that’s just his style.  I’m used to it, it’s been 7 years since Raime.  It works for us 🙂
I was thrilled to see so many messagesand emails for Connor.  I haven’t replied to them all, but I will.  But you guys, that was so awesome.  I’m totally feeling warm and fuzzy and not grief-stricken and distraught.  So thanks everyone, for thinking of us, of Connor, and making the day happy for me.  A year ago I was alone giving birth, but this year I’m surrounded by people I love.



  1. I’m sorry that I didn’t make it by here yesterday, but I have remembered and thought of you often. I’m glad that you have a lot of support and feel love.


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