Posted by: Jayme | May 8, 2008

Mother’s Day

Not sure how to put this… I don’t intend to offend anyone, just saying that right up front. I know that usually when someone says that they do end up offending…

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. I’ve seen a few people in this DeadBabyClub say that they weren’t celebrating. I can understand that if you’ve got no living kids, although I do believe you are still a mother, and therefore entitled to celebrate. But I just don’t understand those with living kids refusing to acknowledge the day. Maybe if they never did do anything for Mother’s Day, but to suddenly boycott… I don’t know.

One mother said that more of her kids were dead than alive. That sucks, it really does, but what about her living kids? Aren’t they important enough? Especially those that are school age and understand the whole deal. Don’t you think they will feel like their mother doesn’t think they matter as much as the ones that are gone? It just doesn’t sit right with me.

The Mother’s Day after Raime was hard- my boys were half a world away with their father. It’d been less than a month since we lost Raime. But Aaron got me a gift, and said I was still not only a mom to the boys, but to his baby as well. It wasn’t an ideal day, but it was as nice as it could possibly be.

I’m not going to stop doing something just because I’ve had three babies die. That goes for EVERYTHING, not just Mother’s Day. Life goes on. It hurts that all my babies aren’t with me here, but I am so grateful to have some to celebrate with. This year, my boys again are in NY- and my husband is deployed. My girls are too little to really understand or do anything, but that’s ok. They are here with me and I will enjoy them.


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