Posted by: Jayme | June 27, 2008

Two Years

It’s been two years since Elora was born. She was such a perfect baby, just amazing. So much personality for such a teeny thing. So feisty, so sure of what she liked and wanted. She was my Sweet Pea.

As I said last year on her birthday:

I miss holding her tiny fingers.
I miss the smell of her.
I miss watching how she would respond to my voice.
I miss seeing her look around, her big blue eyes exploring the world.
I miss the feel of her snuggling up on my chest the few times I was able to hold her.
I miss watching her untuck her foot and stretch out her leg every time the nurse would tuck it in.
I wonder what she would be like now.
I wonder how that feisty personality of hers would be developing.
I wonder what she’d be like as a toddler…
I wonder why she had to go, I miss her, she was amazing.
I wish we had been able to have more time with her.



  1. Elora Jade is beautiful, and so strong. Her story touched my heart, and broke it at the same time.
    You are a strong, beautiful mama too… my heart is with you.

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