Posted by: Jayme | July 6, 2008

6 by 6: july 2008
1 | How would you describe your relationship to fear before and after the loss of your baby?

I wasn’t afraid. I mean, some stuff bothered me, but I always figured everything would always work out, you know? Since my losses though, I have to try hard to maintain that optimism with life.

2 | Is your lost baby/are your babies present in your life? In what way?

Yes! Not only are they constantly in our hearts, but we also have pictures and other mementos around the house. In addition, I wear a ring with each of their birthstones that is engraved with the words “Always in my heart”

3 | Tell us about something said or done after your loss that left you feeling nurtured or supported.

People listening to me talk about the babies, or asking about them, or telling me they took the time to look at the websites always makes me feel happy- and that they are being remembered.

4 | Tell us about something said or done after your loss that left you feeling marginalized or misunderstood.

I was told “I know how you’re feeling, my dog just died” after Elora died. Being told to get over it, move on, etc.

5 | What’s taken you a long time to do again? How did it feel, if you have?

Make friends. My from before Elora & Connor friends have all moved away, gee thanks military. I haven’t been able to make new ones. I haven’t tried to be honest.

6 | How would you describe yourself as a partner before, and after?

I know I have a tendency to take Aaron for granted, and I think since we’ve had our losses I’ve been better about that. I really don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s my rock, he holds me together.


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