Posted by: Jayme | July 31, 2008

Thoughts of Connor

As this deployment is winding down, and I am making preparations for Aaron’s homecoming, I find myself thinking of Connor. Last time Aaron came home from a deployment, it was because Connor was stillborn. I was thrilled of course to have him home, but devastated because of the reason.
I remember feeling upset because the house wasn’t clean enough, no Welcome Home banners were made or hung, I hadn’t shopped for Aaron’s favorite foods. Instead of me doting on him, he was taking care of me.
I also have always felt so sad that he didn’t get here on time to see or hold Connor. He never felt him kick, never went with me to any appointments. Luckily I have his ultrasounds on DVD, but I am sad Aaron never got to know Connor.
Enough sadness, I have a homecoming to prepare for!!


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