Posted by: Jayme | October 6, 2008


It’s been a long time.

I suppose I only post when I think about the babies, or am feeling sad.  Otherwise I tend to post all my day to day ramblings in my LiveJournal.  I guess that leads to the fact I have been quite happy lately, which is a good thing.

We’re debating trying one last time.  Aaron and I both feel our family isn’t complete.  The more we talk about it, the sooner we want to start trying to conceive.  We have never had issues getting pregnant, it’s keeping babies past the second trimester that seems to be our problem.

My birthday was last week- and Aaron bought me a Willow Tree figurine.  It’s the pregnancy one.   He says it represents how he feels about having another baby.  He says he’s been waiting for me to be ready… that he’s always figured we’d have one more.  I feel I have to work around his next deployment though- I don’t want him gone while I’m pregnant.  I need him here in case of any complications/bedrest/NICU stay.

He’s set to deploy next fall- so that gives us a couple months.  He’ll be gone six months.  We could try now- if I got pregnant between now and Christmas, I’d be due before he left, and I’d most likely have the baby at least a month or two before I was due. So let’s say June.

That way if we need to have help, my mom won’t be working (she’s a teacher) and she could possibly take the girls if need be.  She took them when I had Elora, and it was so nice not to have to worry about them.

So, we could totally try now, and if I don’t get pregnant by Christmas, I could go back on the pill and then we could try again when he got back from the deployment.  Hopefully after this deployment, he’ll get back into a non-deploying squadron.

But, it gives me three months to TTC, and I’ve never had to try that long LOL

Well, unless I have a miscarriage… but you know what I mean.

Of course, I’d have to deal with a new baby alone… but Mia starts Kindergarten next year so I’d have all day to nap…

What to do… what to do….


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