Posted by: Jayme | November 12, 2008

Thoughts of pregnancies past…

If I were to get pregnant this month, I would be due August 1st based on my ovulation date.  I was due with Connor on August 1st… and he was stillborn on April 12th.  I spotted and bled so much in the beginning with him- they thought I had miscarried or was going to… They decided perhaps I’d lost a twin.  Then by the 2nd trimester it stopped, and I was feeling great…
When I had my ultrasound at 20 weeks and we learned he was a boy, I was in shock!  Previously, Aaron had only made girls- four to be exact- I didn’t think he had it in him to make a boy.  I was so excited for my 24 week growth scan, but so very busy the week before- that I wasn’t paying attention to my body- it was spring break that week before, and the five kids and I were having a blast.  We’d spent time at my grandmother’s house in Virginia too…
I remember thinking the morning of my appointment that I couldn’t remember the last time I felt him move.  I got out my doppler that I hadn’t used all week and couldn’t find his heartbeat.  I just knew he was gone.


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