Posted by: Jayme | December 5, 2008


I had my first appointment on Wednesday, to get my prescriptions and stuff- and they did a quick ultrasound to make sure the baby is in the right spot- they don’t want me on blood thinners if it’s an ectopic or whatever…

Anyway I’m only five weeks, so we knew we wouldn’t see a heartbeat or anything yet- but… we saw two sacs.

The one sac had a yolk sac and was perfectly shaped but the other was wonky and you couldn’t see anything in it. I go back next Tues for another ultrasound. The Dr said it could go either way- could end up developing fine or be a vanishing twin. He said worst case scenario I start bleeding and miscarry both. But right now it is considered a twin pregnancy. He prescribed me Lovenox and is fiddling with my meds and dosages. He is sending me to the MFM out in town that I saw with Connor in two weeks when/if we see a heartbeat (or two)

I hate the thought of losing any baby at any gestation but I question my body’s ability to carry one let alone two! If I am going to lose a baby I would rather it be sooner than later…
plus I think I have a better chance at taking home a single baby. Of course I have always secretly wanted twins…
I guess I will know more in the weeks to come- it is out of my hands…


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