Posted by: Jayme | December 9, 2008

I don’t know…

We don’t know what’s up with the first sac. It’s bigger than last time, but we can’t see the yolk sac anymore. He thought he saw a fetal pole- and maybe a flicker that was the beginning of the heartbeat- but he wasn’t sure. So next week I go to get an ultrasound from radiology where machines are better.

This worries me, because the doctor thought it was strange that we could no longer see the yolk sac. He asked if I’d been bleeding or cramping (no)

The second sac, it was still there but you could hardly see it, and it hasn’t gotten any bigger. It looked like it was blending in with the background, reabsorbing/vanishing, whatever.

I am sad. Way sadder than I thought I’d be. I mean, realistically I know it’s much healthier for me to carry ONE baby- and that the likelihood of me getting even close to term with two is practically non-existent. I know that. But I was so excited over the idea of twins.


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