Posted by: Jayme | December 20, 2008

Two. Definitely.

Our vanishing twin reappeared at the follow up ultrasound on Monday.  Two babies, two heartbeats, two sacs, two placentas.  The ‘safest’ kind of twins to have, which is a good thing, since everything else gets scarier.  My risk of getting pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome goes way up because of the fact there’s two.

I’ve already seen the specialist, and I see him again on the 8th.  He was not impressed that I am pregnant again.  However, he is a good doctor.  He said he’s glad I don’t have a history of preterm labor or gestational diabetes.

He is hoping (just like I have always done) that Connor’s death was unrelated to my issues.  He’s requested the placenta pathology and autopsy report.  If his death was due to his cord, as we suspect, and his cord issues were unrelated to my pre-eclamptic past, then he will feel much more confident about my chances during this pregnancy.   This is because with Raime and Elora, I was not on blood thinners, however I took them with Lili and Mia and they both came home.  I also took them with Connor, so if his death is due to me, then they did not work for him like they did the girls.   I hope Lovenox is my miracle drug.  I hope it keeps these babies safe and alive.

I am eight weeks pregnant.  I have had four appointments so far, and have two more scheduled before the end of December, as well as three already set up for January.  It is going to be a busy pregnancy.  I’m exhausted, nauseous, constantly hungry, and so very happy.



  1. Congratulations Jayme. I am SO happy for you.

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