Posted by: Jayme | January 30, 2009

Just Lucky…

I have been thinking about these huge families on TV. Not like the ones with high order multiples- like Jon & Kate + 8, but like the Duggars. She’s got 18 kids and they’ve spoken about one miscarriage when they were first married- but it blows my mind that all of those kids are alive and healthy and none have some chromosomal thing, none were born super early, etc. There are a few other specials about other big families and none of them ever mention having a stillbirth or anything. You’d think with all those pregnancies, there would be some sort of loss… how is it that I got all that luck?



  1. I stumbled across your blog and wanted you to know that you are not alone and not every large family is blessed like the Duggers with never experiencing loss. I am very blessed to have a large family (10 Kids) 2 adopted and birthed 8 and last week experienced my 14th miscarraige, including losing a baby in my 2nd trimester when they diagnosed my incompetent cervix. You are not alone. I pray your twins continue to thrive and you are given the peace to enjoy this time waiting for them to get bigger.

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