Posted by: Jayme | April 11, 2009

24 Weeks.

Two years ago today I went to my 24 week OB appointment and found out Connor had no heartbeat. Today, I woke up to two little boys squirming and wrestling around in my belly…

It’s kind of weird having the same due date, just two years later. What are the chances?

Tomorrow is Connor’s second birthday.

Friday the 17th is Raime’s eighth birthday.

Have I mentioned how hard April is? At least I have Lili’s birthday on the 23rd. She’ll be seven, OMG.

I also have an appointment with that same doom and gloom OB on Thursday, boo.  The one who told me I am a ticking time bomb.

A week from today, 25 weeks- is the gestation Elora was born at.

I think I’ll feel better in May. I’ll be hitting the third trimester in May, and the chances of survival go way up.

I hope I get to the end. I WANT to feel horribly uncomfortable and huge. I want to be miserably pregnant.

I don’t want to have to change the title of this blog to ‘And then there were five’


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