Posted by: Jayme | May 26, 2009

Kids and loss

I was admitted to the hospital on Thursday after an appointment because they thought there was a chance I was in preterm labor. It was kind of surreal to be in the hospital without having blood pressure issues. Anyway, after some tests and monitoring and a round of steroids injections to mature the boys’ lungs just in case, I was sent home on Sunday and all is well.
However, my poor daughter. She just turned seven… she remembers Elora, visiting her in the NICU. She was very upset when Connor died. And every day I was at the hospital she’d ask me if the babies were still alive, or if they’d died yet. It breaks my heart that such a young kid has to know so much loss. I want to reassure her, that even if they did come now, that they’d spend some time in the hospital but they’d be ok and come home… but really there’s no guarantee.
How do I ease her worries when I have the same ones?



  1. Awww that breaks my heart. How are you today, I can’t check lj from here. I’ll get on my phone in a minute and check up.

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